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57509x-ray - hand, wrist, forearm, elbow or humerus
57515x-ray - hand and wrist or hand, wrist and forearm or forearm and elbow or elbow and humerus
57521x-ray - foot, ankle, leg, knee or femur
57527x-ray - foot and ankle, or ankle and leg, or leg and knee or knee and femur
57901x-ray - skull
57902x-ray - cephalometry
57903x-ray sinuses
57906x-ray - mastoids
57909x-ray - petrous temporal bones
57912x-ray - facial bones
57915x-ray - mandible
57918x-ray - salivary calculus
57921x-ray - nose
57924x-ray - eye
57927x-ray - temporomandibular joints
57930x-ray - teeth single area
57933x-ray - teeth full mouth
57939x-ray - palatopharyngeal studies with fluoroscopic screening
57942x-ray - palatopharyngeal studies without fluoroscopic screening
57945x-ray - larynx, lateral airways and soft tissues of the neck
57960orthopantomography for diagnosis and/or management of trauma, infection, tumours, congenital or surgical conditions of the teeth or maxillofacial region
57963orthopantomography for diagnosis and/or management of impacted teeth, caries, periodontal or peripical pathology where signs or symptoms are evident
57966orthopantomography for diagnosis and/or management of missing or crowded teeth, or developmental anomalies of the teeth or jaws
57969orthopantomography for diagnosis and/or management of
temporomandibular joint arthroses or dysfunction
58100x-ray - cervical spine
58300x-ray - bone age study
58503x-ray - chest
58903x-ray - plain abdomen only
59733x-ray - sialography 1 side, with preparation and contrast injection
59739x-ray - sinogram or fistulogram, 1 or more regions, with or without preliminary plain films and with preparation and contrast injection
59751x-ray - arthrography, joints, excluding spine , single or double contrast study, with or without plain films, with prep and contrast injection
60100tomography of any region
60500fluoroscopy, with general anaesthesia (not being a service associated with a radiographic examination)
60503fluoroscopy, without general anaesthesia (not being a service associated with a radiographic examination

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